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Hi, I’m Kimberly! I’m a speaker, spreadsheet lover, social media user, video shooter, content creator, direct sales leader, personal development junkie, High Performance Coach, & mama to two girls.

I earned a Bachelor’s in Communication & worked hard for 11 years as a multi-unit leader for Target before retiring to run my business full-time & help others build their own businesses. I love helping direct sales leaders gain clarity in their business & create simple, duplicatable systems to create more time for the things they love.


If you’re like me, you were probably given copy/paste training & didn’t get clear on how YOU wanted to run your business until you felt like it was too late, you have an IV drip of coffee & grab fast food so you can spend more time on your business, you don’t have systems in place, & you allow other people control your calendar.


That’s when I said, there has to be a better way to do this. That’s when I found Brendon Burchard & his High Performance Coaching. Now I have more clarity for my business, I’ve increased my energy by making simple tweaks to my day, a new level of productivity with systems & by focusing on the most important thing, & putting myself first by learning to say no.


If you’re ready to go to the next level in your life & business, be sure to schedule your free strategy session & we’ll dive into the areas you need the most support right now to get you some quick wins.


Incentive Earner (Jan 23)

National Speaker - Booking Parties (UT - Jul 22)

Summer Incentive Earner (Jun 22)

2022 Annual Sales Award (May-Apr 22)

Incentive Earner (Jan 22)

Local Speaker - Building Business (TX Jan 22)

Summer Incentive Earner (Jun 21)

2021 Annual Mentor Award (May-Apr 21)

2021 Annual Sales Award (May-Apr 21)

Incentive Trip Earner, Disney World for 2 (Jun 21)

Incentive Trip Earner, Bermuda Cruise for 2 (Jun 20)

Promoted to Star Director (Top .2% of the company)

Summer Incentive Earner (Jun 20)

2020 Annual Mentor Award (May-Apr 20)

2020 Annual Sales Award (May-Apr 20)

Local Speaker - Increasing Sales (AZ Feb 20)

National Speaker - Booking Parties (TX - July 19)

Incentive Trip Earner Marco Island, FL (Jun 19)

National Speaker - Attraction Marketing (CA - Jul 18)

Incentive Trip Earner Med Cruise for 2 (Jun 18)

2018 Annual Mentor Award (May-Apr 18)

Local Speaker - Recruiting (CA - Feb 18)

TOP 20 Incentive Trip Earner (LA - Jan 18)

National Speaker - Social Media (MO - Jul 17)

Incentive Trip Earner Punta Cana for 2 (Jun 17)

2017 Annual Mentor Award (May-Apr 17)

Incentive Trip Earner (NY - Jan 217)

National Speaker - Online Parties & IG (TN - Jul 16)

Incentive Trip Earner, Disney World (Jun 16)


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