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leadership peloton vegan Dec 03, 2018


Don't allow others to dictate what you do with your life. You have complete control! Find what works for YOU in all areas of your life & run full speed ahead towards it!


If you get one thing out of this video, I want it to be this: You need to be blazing your own trails! You need to be a leader in your own life! It’s so easy to say that, “yeah, I'm blazing my trail. I am walking my own path!” but really zoom out and see. Are you really?


This first video for December, I think it really needs to be a more personal story and I wanted to share one of my own and how I thought I was being a leader in my life. I thought I was going my own way. But it turned out that I wasn't. It was a very eye opening realization whenever it just hit me; and literally hit me like a ton of bricks.


If you know me, you know that I went through a certification week a couple weeks ago and I had a couple of major breakthroughs while I was there, and one of them was what I'm going to tell you right now. I feel that whenever I'm posting on Instagram or on Facebook, I do a lot of motivational inspirational posts about being a leader, walk your own path, blaze your own trail. I say that all the time.

And then when I was being asked these questions about energy. I was like, I have I have a lot of energy! If you know me, the only time I don't have energy is in the first trimester of pregnancy, but any other time, I have enough energy to get through the day and I'm perfectly fine.


So when he asked, “Okay, well, what about your health and wellness because that falls into this bucket, too.” Oh...crap! Well, I really don't have anything to say about my health and wellness.


“Well, do you work out?” No.


“Have you ever or when was the last time you tried?” I've tried two different programs here in the recent past. My friends jump on this bandwagon and because they're doing it, I feel that I need to do it. So I pay money to be part of this program and then I only did it for two days and I hated it. Then I saw another one and I jumped on that one. And again, it just was not the what I was expecting it just wasn't what I enjoy doing.

And so as soon as I said, he asked, “so what do you enjoy doing or was there a time in your life where you were enjoying doing whatever you were doing and it was exercise or you're elevating your heart rate?” I kind of sat there in silence as I was really trying to think back really trying to evaluate and he interested my silence and he said…


“You know what, let's zoom out. I know you're thinking about it, let's just zoom out and really look at your life. When in your life were you in the best shape? You might have been working out with the best shape the best health this mental clarity, when was that?” That made a little easier to think like zooming out like that. Well, it was about five years ago before I had kids. I was living alone and I was actually eating a vegan diet.


For those who don't know, I was vegan. Vegetarian for 10 years but the last two years of my bout of vegetarianism, I was vegan. I felt the best. I looked the best. I was too skinny; I will put that out there. But I looked the best and I felt the best.


“Okay! Why don't you go back to that?” Well, I have no excuse as to why I can’t go back to that. Because I sit here thinking about the excuses: I have two kids and my guy is a meatavore. He's not going to want to do what I do.


“How do you know?” I don’t. I’m just kind of putting words in people's mouths. I'm kind of making the decision for them instead of letting them make the decision for themselves. You know what, now that I'm thinking about it, I was actually cycling when I was vegan five years ago. I was cycling every single day. I had a membership. It was in a class & I had so much fun.


(For those of you who watched my visualization video, Sabrina, the one who put me through the visualization of she was my spin coach. How crazy is that such a small world!)


I had the most fun when I did that and loved spinning. I enjoyed doing it. I woke up super early to do it.


“What is stopping you from doing those things?” I honestly have no idea.

I realized that I tell you guys to do your own thing and here I was following others. I was not being true to myself, so last week, I looked into it. Different classes, different studios around me. Some were way too far, the ones that were close to me were way too expensive. Then again, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why don’t I get a Peloton?


Normally, when you think of Peloton, you're like, Whoa, that is really expensive! They have a program where you can pay 0% interest and $0 down. The amount of that membership plus the monthly like live stream and on demand content is less than a membership!


I was so excited. I jumped on that so fast! I got during the Black Friday sale and it came with all the equipment like the weights, the spin shoes, the heart monitor, earbuds, & the mat for free.


Then I said to myself, ya know what, since I'm doing this, I need to go back to being vegan. I need to do it. I need to see how I feel, mentally and physically. I just need to do it cold turkey. I need to do it.

So if you have never seen the documentary on Netflix called What The Health, I highly encourage you to watch that. Not if you're thinking about going you know vegetarian or vegan, but it is very eye opening. It's not talking about slaughterhouses or anything like that. It talks about other aspects of the government and pharmaceuticals, so if you'd like to be more enlightened on that topic, check out that documentary. What The Health.

So, here I am. Five days later. I have consistently worked out every single day. I’ve cycle. And 5 days I’ve ate vegan. 100% cold turkey. My body hates me. I have been detoxing like crazy. I had some crazy breakouts over here. I had a crazy one here. My body is just getting rid of all the crap that was in my body. I just feel it being cleaned out and it feels really good.


I'm so excited to get back to where I was and get back to that point in my life where I felt the best and I was at the top of my game. It feels so good to be the leader of my own life of my own decisions. I'm not following or listening to what other people are doing. I’m listening to my heart and my gut because that is what is leading me and telling me what I should do.

Actually I posted on Instagram that [“I told you so” - Your Intuition]. Your intuition knows 100% of the time what is right. So follow your gut follow and your intuition.


I hope some part of this message reached you. If it did, please sure you leave a comment below. If you feel that someone else could find value from this, please make sure you share it with them and I will see you guys next Monday. Bye guys.


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