Take Action On Your Dreams



Choose your top 3 income-producing dreams & start taking daily actions to move toward that goal.


How many of you have a really long list of goals that maybe you set out to accomplish in 2018 that you did it? Maybe you're wanting to accomplish those things in 2019? Today we're going to talk about ‘fish or cut the bait,’ or ‘poop or get off the pot,’ (I guess I could have been a little bit more vulgar) but you get the point, right? Do what you said you're going to do, or just take it off your list completely.

2019, I want that to be your year to get in, & get those things done, get those things done, you guys! So if you're list was like mine, it was overwhelming. There were a ton of things on my 2018 list that I wanted to get done. Then there were some things that kind of fell in during these during last couple of months that weren't even on my radar as the beginning of the year.


So here is what I want to do: I want you look at your list. If you don't have a list, I want you to make a list. Make a list of your top three. Now I know that might be  really hard for some of you. Maybe you're list is like 20 things long that want to do but I want you to take the three biggest things. These biggest things should scare you, they should make you feel like, this is going to take a lot of work, it's going to take a lot of time, people are going to think I'm crazy, it's going to ask a lot of me to do these things. I want you to think of those top three things. Because I promise you, over the course of 2019, there's going to be more things that are going to be added to your plate. So take the three biggest things, write them down, no particular order. Write them down.


Now it doesn’t matter as to whether or not these goals or dreams or ambitions are going to make you money. Maybe it is a vacation that you want to take. Maybe you want to travel around the world. But for now for this video, I really want to focus on the ones that will potentially make you money. Maybe there's a business venture that you want to take on. Maybe you already have a business venture and you want to add another stream of income. Maybe you want to start your own business.


Whatever that looks like, I really want you to get clear on why you want to do this? Is it because you need the money or you want the money? Is it because you can spend hours and hours talking about this and not get paid for it?

The things you can do for hours and hours and not get paid for and truly love it, that is the one that you should go after first. So you guys know me I love social media. I love video. I love personal development. I can talk about those things for hours and not get paid. And some of you already know that already do that.


So how can you start doing that? How can you start walking towards that path, getting on that path to walk towards that goal. Maybe you're wanting to try something completely new. Something that's not in your wheelhouse whatsoever. One of the things that I like to do is I like to ask social media. I know this may sound crazy, because sometimes we don't get the responses that we want (so I will put that out there). But one thing to do is just ask social media, “you guys would if I started doing this, what would you think? Do you gonna be good at it? Do you think you would watch? Or do you think you would purchase? Or you would hire me for my services. If I added this to my plate? What do you think it would look like” and just see what they say you never know.


Now the next thing I want you to think about is whatever made it to the top of your list those three things, can you see yourself doing that next year, in five years, in 10 years? Can you see yourself really leaning into that and making it a career. Really making it your family's sole income or your full time income?


Can you see that? If you cannot see yourself in 5-10 years, still doing what you want to do right now, I don't want to say don't do it, but really, really evaluate why you want to do this right now. You want something that is going to be sustainable and be in it for the long run. So if it's something that is maybe a fad or something that is hip, really think about how you can take that and make it last. How can you add your own spin to it your own flavor and make it last a really long time?


The last piece I want to touch on is I know when it comes to really stepping into your dream and really starting to focus on the things that really make you happy and the things that you really want to do, you guys, that is so scary. I want to make sure that you know that it's okay to be scared. It's okay to have doubts. It's okay to be frustrated with yourself. So lean into that. Lean into those fears, the frustrations. It's okay to feel that. It's okay to acknowledge it.


But you have to push past it. You have to say, okay, I understand that I am scared of what people will think of me. I'm scared of failing. That's a huge one, right? Like, I'm scared to start this and not finish it and then looking like a failure. So you guys, there is no failure. You learned something. You did something and you learned something. You did something you've got a result. There's no failure, you did something and you got a result.


So whatever is on your top three, pick one out of those top three these next few weeks; these last few weeks of 2018 and really identify one or two things that you can start doing now. Do not wait until the New Year. Do not wait until a milestone. Start now. There is no time like the present. Start doing one thing every single day to move in that direction.


If you need to talk through what that looks like I'm always offering a one on one. So please take me up on that offer to get you through that. But you guys, one thing a day, one thing a day. And sometimes these things that we want to do, they're just sitting in our mind. They're just sitting there and we know we want to do it but if we say something, then that makes it real and have to act on it or people think we're crazy or even thinking these things. But I will tell you that every single person that I've had a conversation with one on one, a real session with, every single time they say ‘thank you for making me say that out loud. Because now that I've said it out loud, I have to act upon it and it's going to move me in a positive direction.’


If you're not going to work one on one with me, say it out loud. Whatever it is, say I am going to work on moving towards x. Say it out loud. Put it out into the universe. Whenever you say it out loud, the universe hears you. It hears you and things start moving into place and you'll start seeing things pop up. You'll notice opportunities coming out of nowhere. So saying it out loud.


Believe it. Put it on your dream board. Put it on your vision board. Write it down and start making one action every single day moving towards that. Is it signing up for class? Is it signing up for a certification? Maybe it's taking a training or jumping on a call? Maybe it’s just watching some YouTube videos that are in that wheelhouse. Whatever it is, start moving in that direction. Start doing it whatever it is. Drop down below in the comments something that you want to do it right now and going into 2019. I would love to know.


If this helps you, please let me know in the comments. Give me a thumbs up! If you feel someone else would get value from this, please share it with them and I will see you guys next Monday.


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