Take Action On Your Dreams



Choose your top 3 income-producing dreams & start taking daily actions to move toward that goal.


How many of you have a really long list of goals that maybe you set out to accomplish in 2018 that you did it? Maybe you're wanting to accomplish those things in 2019? Today we're going to talk about ‘fish or cut the bait,’ or ‘poop or get off the pot,’ (I guess I could have been a little bit more vulgar) but you get the point, right? Do what you said you're going to do, or just take it off your list completely.

2019, I want that to be your year to get in, & get those things done, get those things done, you guys! So if you're list was like mine, it was overwhelming. There were a ton of things on my 2018 list that I wanted to get done. Then there were some things that kind of fell in during these during last couple of months that weren't even on my radar as the beginning of the year.


So here is what I want to do: I want...

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