Visualization Exercise: Future Self

meditation visualization Oct 22, 2018


  • Visualization exercise to help open up your mind.
  • Document your experience for next week's content.
  • Download your free resource here.
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I’m excited to walk you through a visualization exercise to help open up your mind so you can potentially see yourself in the future. Once you have that we can reverse engineer to get to that point through your habits and daily life today.

My name is Kimberly Pulito & I help people just like you with ridiculously ambitious goals & dreams, level up their habits to take them from dreamer to doer & I'm so excited that visualization exercise day is finally here!

I cannot wait for you guys to go through this with me.

One of my friends, Sabrina (who is a complete B.A. & I’ll link to all of her social media down below), walked me through this exercise a few months ago & I was really surprised at what I saw. It was...

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