Reverse Engineering Your Visualization

habits visualization Oct 29, 2018


  • It's ok if you saw something a little off in your visualization.
  • What would it feel like to walk on your glass ceiling?
  • In 10 years, this is what you're life is going to look like.
  • The little tasks that we do every single day are going to add up to something very significant in the end.
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Today we're going to talk about the visualization you had in the last week's content and we're going to see if that visualization actually fits in with your 10-year plan. We’ll make that your 10-year goal and chat through how we can work backwards to get there, step by step.

If you’re watching this piece of content, I can only assume/hope that you’ve watched last week's visualization exercise. If you haven't, I highly encourage you to go back and do that. Did you see something you thought you weren't going to see? Maybe it was odd or weird?

If you aren't over my Instagram I shared in one of my posts,...

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Visualization Exercise: Future Self

meditation visualization Oct 22, 2018


  • Visualization exercise to help open up your mind.
  • Document your experience for next week's content.
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I’m excited to walk you through a visualization exercise to help open up your mind so you can potentially see yourself in the future. Once you have that we can reverse engineer to get to that point through your habits and daily life today.

My name is Kimberly Pulito & I help people just like you with ridiculously ambitious goals & dreams, level up their habits to take them from dreamer to doer & I'm so excited that visualization exercise day is finally here!

I cannot wait for you guys to go through this with me.

One of my friends, Sabrina (who is a complete B.A. & I’ll link to all of her social media down below), walked me through this exercise a few months ago & I was really surprised at what I saw. It was...

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Visualizing Your Future Self

habits visualization Oct 15, 2018

You can listen to this episode on the go from my podcast! Click here to listen.


  • We build our future selves in the every day actions we take.
  • When offered multiples options, know when pay short-term costs for long-term benefits. (Marshmallow example)
  • Not thinking of your future self can lead to impulsive behavior.
  • The high performer is strongly connected to their future self.
  • How are your actions today influencing where you'll be in the future?


Have you ever thought about yourself in the future? It could make all the difference in how happy and successful you are later in life. Stick around & we’ll kick off this month’s topic, visualization.

Our future selves are built today, at this very moment. Thinking in that way will help you put your choices, actions, and habits in the right perspective.

Feeling too lazy to wash the dishes? Think about your future self. She would probably be...

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